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Working out where your money goes is one of life's little pleasures. Most people look at their bank account at the end of the month and wonder why they are "financially challenged", wouldn't it be great if at the click of a button you could instantly calculate how much money you've spent on petrol over the last 6 weeks or how much money you've spent on lunch every wednesday in the last year, impossible we hear you say...well we don't think so!

What is billster?

Billster is a totally free online application developed to organise your personal and shared expenses.

Shared Bills: If you share a house with other students or professionals, or perhaps you're organising a holiday with a few people, we can take the stress out of sorting out who owes what and when - you can even record standing orders and direct debits so it is possible to let the system keep itself up-to-date with bills that are paid at the same time every day, week, month or year.

Personal Bills: By making use of the bill tagging system, you can categories and group your bills quickly and easily, helping you keep track of where your money is going. When used along side the date selector, it is possible to work out how much money you spend on everyday items, day by day, or perhaps on a year by year basis.

What can billster do?

We're glad you asked! billster can do the following extremely useful bits:

  • Record and report on your personal and group expenses
  • Make you very popular with the opposite sex
  • Save reoccurring expenses, even those with direct debits or standing orders setup
  • Send reminders, either automatically or fired off by you, whenever you want to remind people who owe you money or to remind yourself about a payment
  • Automatically email you with a summary of the expenses you've put through billster

Is billster secure?

All the parts of the site that require authentication are secured using SSL, just like your bank or amazon do when they handle credit card details.

Your username and password are encrypted before being stored on our database, so be confident that your details are secure.

We will never sell your details to any third parties, we just love you too much! Want to know more, read our privacy statement.

currently tracking:
62,720,831,844.26 F
total displayed in (XPF), 42 other currencies also available.
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L Grant photo
L Grant from Southampton:

"This site rocks my tiny little world, each week I can get a complete breakdown of all my expenditure...that is priceless!"

James Holtum photo
James Holtum from Belgium:

"Billster is completely revolutionising how I handle my company accounts. As I'm often on the move, I find the ability to access information remotely to be invaluable."

D Holland photo
D Holland from South Africa:

"Billster has really helped me see where all my money actually goes - 10/10"

Freya B photo
Freya B from Kent:

"Using billster to help me work out how much I'm spending from my student loan has really taken the stress out of the first term of University"

J Beagle photo
J Beagle from Maidstone:

"Since using billster to work out our shared expenses, my house mates and I now only argue about who gets to use the shower first thing in the morning!"

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